SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV

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13 日 前

SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:
01 Don't Call Me
02 Heart Attack
03 Marry You
05 I Really Want You
06 Kiss Kiss
07 Body Rhythm
08 Attention
09 빈칸 (Kind)
SHINee Official​​​​
#SHINee​​​​​​ #Dont_Call_Me​​​​​​ #샤이니​​​​​
#ONEW​​​​​​ #MINHO​​​​​​ #KEY​​​​​​ #TAEMIN​
SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

Nana8 分 前
We're so close to 30 million
Sarra G
Sarra G 分 前
Such Badassery such power 역시 샤이니!!
SHINee And SHAWOLS 2 分 前
Congrats our deserving kings SHINee🥳🎉
Shinee don't call me
Shinee don't call me 2 分 前
Shawols keep str3aming until next week, shinee wins
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 2 分 前
Shinee is back...!! our legend is back!!
Shinee don't call me
Shinee don't call me 3 分 前
Congratulations, today we won
Daiona Mathew
Daiona Mathew 4 分 前
Am I the only one who love 1:34 the most
Anya Al
Anya Al 5 分 前
I wish the song was a little bit longer
Syaza 7 分 前
4th win today, congrats guys. heard today was the last promotional stage of DCM at music shows, you worked hard, SHINee. and you too Shawols, thank you 💙
Хупхуп Хулахуп
Хупхуп Хулахуп 8 分 前
Don't call me🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sara So
Sara So 9 分 前
yanamuhd 10 分 前
SHINee won today 1st at Inkigayo and Taemin said today is last day stage and they will comeback as soon as possible. Maybe repackaged? I’m getting ready my wallet! #DontCallMe4thWin
Cstich 11 分 前
Happy Dont_Call_Me 4th win, congratulations, you work so hard, love you #shinee ! 😘 💎👑 🎉
Cstich 6 分 前
@SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours yeah, and Shawols are Odoroble ! 😘
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours 10 分 前
🥳🎉 Congooo!!!
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours 13 分 前
Shawols important please go vote on Idol champion for debut ad before 4 pm kst If you have other devices please go vote
Cstich 11 分 前
Indraneel Das
Indraneel Das 14 分 前
Congratulations SHINee for their 4th win at inkigayo Watta group watta comeback Legend
Hana Tyn
Hana Tyn 14 分 前
Congratulations my kings don't call me 4th win today :)
Yes BB
Yes BB 15 分 前
Stre45m so much
Yes BB
Yes BB 15 分 前
Congrats to SHINee 4th won
Bonafentura Yoan Olivia
Bonafentura Yoan Olivia 15 分 前
Lagu nya bagus pokoknya ❤️
Jennifer Yoo
Jennifer Yoo 15 分 前
Lets gooo~~ keep going!
Congratulations SHINee and SHAWOLS.....inkigayo 4th win....yayyy🎊🎊 💎💎💎💎💎
RayR. TM
RayR. TM 19 分 前
Congratulations to 4th win Also we need stre@m as more
RayR. TM
RayR. TM 3 分 前
@SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours hi my poor grandchild
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours 15 分 前
Yeah!!! (✿^‿^)
No Name
No Name 21 分 前
#DontCallMe4thWin YEAAAAHHHH
Leleth Costimiano
Leleth Costimiano 22 分 前
this song is so catchy!!!! full of talented people ♡
Vini Andriani Taher
Vini Andriani Taher 23 分 前
Congrats for dont call me 4th win
NoorLiana Mahmud
NoorLiana Mahmud 23 分 前
Yay!!! Congrats on our 4th win!!!!!!!
Junguwu Kim
Junguwu Kim 23 分 前
Cstich 22 分 前
Yes Shinee are amazing! 😘🎉
Brita 24 分 前
*Congrats SHINee for 4th win on inkigayo!* SO PROUD 🥰😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
Leleth Costimiano
Leleth Costimiano 24 分 前
it's been weeks and still hereeeeee
지젤 Briseyda
지젤 Briseyda 25 分 前
Son 1:57 AM (México) y sigo haciendo stream, necesitamos los 30M, sigamos!! no puedo dejar de escuchar esta hermosa canción, simplemente la mejor
Relaxing asmr1014
Relaxing asmr1014 25 分 前
Don't call me 4th win!!! Congratulations!!
Mabruri 18
Mabruri 18 26 分 前
This song so cool
Leleth Costimiano
Leleth Costimiano 26 分 前
almost there guys! don't give upppp
eat cookies
eat cookies 28 分 前
NoorLiana Mahmud
NoorLiana Mahmud 16 分 前
X Ng
X Ng 28 分 前
#DontCallMe4thWin :)
Vicca Arvian
Vicca Arvian 29 分 前
shinee's back..
tigertatze 29 分 前
Congratulations again guys!!
Paramita Deb
Paramita Deb 29 分 前
Yes 4th win today. Don't stop vote and stream. Stream please stream(the views increasing slowly like approx 100k per 12 hour) and vote
Navshri 2558
Navshri 2558 30 分 前
Shinee 4th win in inkigayo!!!!!
sandy santafe
sandy santafe 30 分 前
sooo cool ,iove so much
Sarah krn
Sarah krn 30 分 前
Shinee is back -!
Maya Laras
Maya Laras 32 分 前
Please shawols dont stop for str3@ming
moonjin 33 分 前
lupo nicolae
lupo nicolae 34 分 前
So cool song 😊👍
Plant 35 分 前
2:47 his voice so unique
Lil things That matter
Lil things That matter 31 分 前
It’s Onew 😊
NoorLiana Mahmud
NoorLiana Mahmud 36 分 前
That was funnn Shawols!!
토스트 39 分 前
아... 엑소노래라고 소개하면 속을꺼 같네
myqwertymind 39 分 前
I'll never get tired watching them on and on and on....
Miraç pro pro
Miraç pro pro 40 分 前
Hwarang Boys süper kdrama. Min sihiii
Yes BB
Yes BB 40 分 前
30M today Let's do
minyoung kang
minyoung kang 41 分 前
•bbl_xue• 41 分 前
When SuperM and Aespa Reacting to their Seniors.
farah synthia
farah synthia 44 分 前
150 k comments finally!
Yoko Suga
Yoko Suga 44 分 前
Super shining star SHINee
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura 45 分 前
yes yes yes
İK 46 分 前
Keşke Türkiye'nin de böyle grupları olsa,sizi çok seviyoruz TURKISH FANS:)
Hamduuni 51 分 前
EXO: Call Me Baby. Taeyeon: What Do I Call You? SHINee: Don't Call Me.
aZPC Shawol
aZPC Shawol 53 分 前
Vote in inkigayp please
Charlsnico Generosa Dalit
Charlsnico Generosa Dalit 54 分 前
Vote on inkigayo now Shawols. Install starpass and earn 500 heart jelly to vote 5 times.
Lil things That matter
Lil things That matter 55 分 前
Pray that today isn’t last stage for don’t call me!!i need more shinee awesome stage!🙏🏻
Bunny Pinee
Bunny Pinee 25 分 前
Still one week
hmm ninara
hmm ninara 55 分 前
dont call me dont call me dont call me dont call me dont call me
Bk Eker
Bk Eker 56 分 前
We want to see lucas and minho together💪💪
N Qul
N Qul 59 分 前
Shinee's back🔥🔥🔥
Andrea Gomez
Andrea Gomez 59 分 前
Hola Shawols Ya estoy que me quedo dormida pero estoy dando un par de Views extras antes de irme a descansar ¿Que tal están ustedes?
지젤 Briseyda
지젤 Briseyda 28 分 前
Son las 1:54 AM y aquí sigo haciendo streaming, todo sea por ellos, se lo merecen. Pasa bonita noche :)
hasini hasini
hasini hasini 時間 前
Shayla Le
Shayla Le 時間 前
hi i am obsessed with this song
계걔아무 時間 前
NoorLiana Mahmud
NoorLiana Mahmud 時間 前
lets keep streaming for today's winning!
Hadeel Ali
Hadeel Ali 時間 前
Wow الكلمات معبره مره اللحن الأصوات الرقص كل شي يجنن الأغنيه غريبه وحلوه مره
다람쥐 時間 前
진짜 누난너무예뻐 할 때가 엊그제 같은데(오바심한거 앎) 샤이니... 라이트한 팬이지만 ^^ 꾸준히 좋아합니다 노래들이 다 좋더라고요^^ 이번 노래도 좋네요! 중독성 있어요 멤버가 다 매력적이고 실력있어서 좋아요 그리고 제가 어릴때 봤던 모습과 똑같아서 더 좋은거 같아요 열심히 활동해주세요! 파이팅!
Nahir Vilca
Nahir Vilca 時間 前
Srey Pov
Srey Pov 時間 前
King 👑
Modini BV
Modini BV 時間 前
No group can constantly try different concepts and flaunts everytime
xoxo xxo
xoxo xxo 時間 前
Lindsay Alyssa Cruz
Lindsay Alyssa Cruz 時間 前
those who disliked this video is missing so much!!!! i mean how can you not like this masterpiece??????
wishbling 時間 前
SHINee World, have you vote for SHINee in Starpass? Please keep on watching, vote for them in Mnet, Idol Champ, Whosfan!
verukis flamer
verukis flamer 時間 前
Voten ahora en Starpass 👉🗳
park Aisha
park Aisha 時間 前
دونت كول مي عاششووو هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه .
park Aisha
park Aisha 時間 前
اومققق ادمنتهااا
Shinee don't call me
Shinee don't call me 時間 前
يله 30M قبل التصويت المباشر
park Aisha
park Aisha 時間 前
كييي يا حلووو
park Aisha
park Aisha 時間 前
استايلل مينهوو اوففففف .
park Aisha
park Aisha 時間 前
اللله عليك يا مينهوووو
Shinee don't call me
Shinee don't call me 時間 前
Shawols Download an app starpass And they voted for Shane Let's count on you Details are in SHINee official accounts
Shinee don't call me
Shinee don't call me 時間 前
شاولزززز بسرعهه حملوا تطبيق start pass وصوتوا ل شايني بالتصويت المباشر اليوم يله نعتمد عليكم
park Aisha
park Aisha 時間 前
حرفيا ابدااااععع .
Génesis Espinoza Hernández
Génesis Espinoza Hernández 時間 前
Sigamos con el stream 😭🎉😭
WİNWİN 1 時間 前
Génesis Espinoza Hernández
Génesis Espinoza Hernández 時間 前
Hemos esperado mucho por este comeback 😭😭😭😭
Génesis Espinoza Hernández
Génesis Espinoza Hernández 時間 前
Vamos con el stream 😭😭😭😭😭
바다 - WAVE
바다 - WAVE 時間 前
minho’s ‘shawty’ gives me free therapy
derya devrim
derya devrim 時間 前
Wow süper olmuş
jawhara SHINee
jawhara SHINee 時間 前
Voto for SHINee in STARPASS
Nur Amalin
Nur Amalin 時間 前
less than 400k to reach 30M !!!
Laras Maya
Laras Maya 時間 前
Please shawols, dont stop for str3@ming this. Lets see our boys happy for win
jaemwithluv 13
jaemwithluv 13 時間 前
Cstich 14 分 前
Yes we did It Dcm 4th win! 😘 🎉
Pearl Lee
Pearl Lee 時間 前
jaemwithluv 13
jaemwithluv 13 時間 前
QA 時間 前
Vote for SHINee on the app called STARPASS! This is the live voting for Inkigayo which SHINee is performing at soon. You need 100 Heart Jellies to vote once. The max is 5 votes so you need 500 Heart Jellies! Let’s go Shawols 💚
Sparkle Me
Sparkle Me 時間 前
STARPASS app is now open for voting for INKIGAYO! Please vote for SHINee. Thank you!
SeaMei Yav
SeaMei Yav 時間 前
I have been waiting for there come back too long
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